Saturday, September 12, 2009

Video of "Robots on Death Row" in Concert

Robots on Death Row from the album "Paper Tigers".
Words & Music by Paul Metsa / Paul Metsa Music - BMI.

Live at First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota. March 4, 1996.

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You dont like my train,
baby you dont have to drive my track
Tell your switchblade monkey
he dont have to ride your back
Tell your half-moon waitress
it aint no high wire show
You drop old lovers like dominoes,
your barb wired blanket is a ready to go
Just like a robot on death row
Shoot dogs, train the doctors
Who put the bell on you, Airmen in helicopters
You said they fell on you
Your mechanical street queen, you can feel his whistle blow
Aint no difference mama plugged in Romeo
Youre the first to ask questions but the last one to know
Just like a robot on death row
Your piano is poison they buried your window sill
You lick your lips for no reason my broke-down whippoorwill
My cast iron princess is now turpentine
I want to ask you about those exploding valentines
You sit in the corner donkeys are wild in Mexico
Just like a robot on death row
Throw rocks in the river, river gonna run you down
Youre an Indian giver you live at the lost and found
I can tell by your shoes that you walk on the water
It aint no news at all you led the lambs to slaughter
Will you be saved by the soldiers that know
Just like a robot on death row
You made me pay for what you gave to the others for free
Your man-boy told me how you got your masters degree
You keep all your goodness in a porcelain dish
You traded forgiveness for a black hooded wish
Your tongue is in traction you cant tell what you know
Just like a robot on death row
Ill buy you a thumb-ride, give you a broken wheel
Theres holes in your raincoat, baby I know how that feels
You wouldnt answer the door if you were knockin outside
Looked at the eight ball saw floorshow suicide
Your guardian angel packed her bags hit the road
Just like a robot on death row

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